Study Says: We Fall In Love With Three People in Our Life For A Specific Reason


A study reveals that we can fall in love at least three times in our lifetime.  But, each one of these relationships can happen in a different light from the one before and each one serves as a different purpose.


The First Love:


Our first love can happen at any time, generally for many in high school.  It takes over our youth, fulfills our dreams and we believe that love is supposed to look and feel a certain way.  We tend to believe that our first love will be our last, our one and only; we convince ourselves that this is what love is supposed to be.  This type of love focuses on how others perceive us rather than how we actually feel.


The Second Love:


The second love is the ‘hard love’.  This type of love teaches us the valuable lessons about us, it brings  pain, deceit, lies and loss.  We will believe that with this love, we’re doing something different, but in reality … we’re not!   This is that love that will teach us how to grow.  This love will cause you to experience pain and what you really need in your next relationship.  This love will become a cycle, with repeating situations/challenges, believe the outcome will be different when the cycle ends, but sadly it won’t.  This love is unhealthy, and will be filled with drama.


The Third Love:


It’s the unexpected love, when you least expect it.  It will will surprise you and will make any negative idea we once had about love, just disappear.  This love is considered to be the ‘easy love’ – the love that is simple with no complications like previous “loves.”   The third love isn’t the one we dreamed of, it doesn’t follow any rules.  What’s great about this love stage, it teaches us how to feel love, and give love.




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