Your Advice Is Needed: Should She Say Something?

We received this e-mail in our IN BOX over the long weekend.  A tricky situation to be in.  What advice would you give this local resident?  Read the e-mail, get a sense of the situation and leave your advice/comment on our Facebook Page.


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*Please note the listener of this e-mail requested that we did not mention their location in the area.  And the names listed in the e-mail have been changed to not disclose the identity


Hi Derrick & Sylvia,


Wonder if you may be able to share this with your listeners and see what they think. I’m at a loss as to what I should and shouldn’t do. On Saturday, I was doing some landscaping and gardening in my backyard when I heard my neighbours laughing and splashing around in their pool. After several minutes, I realized I recognized the female voice as my neighbor “Gail”, but not the male voice. I started to get curious so I went out front and saw that’s Gail’s husband’s F-150 wasn’t in the driveway. I returned to my backyard. This time, I heard Gail giggling and other noises (wink wink) coming from her pool. A six-foot privacy fence divides our homes so she has no idea I was listening in.

Yesterday, I asked Gail where her husband was. She said he was out of town. I am sure she and the guy in the pool were cheating. Gail’s husband is the nicest guy in the world. As a good neighbor I believe I should tell him what I heard. My husband says I should keep my mouth shut. What would you do if you were me?



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