[Audio] Most Bizarre 911 Calls


Perhaps its the heat that is causing some people around the world to call 911 for non emergency reasons.  Every year, a 911 call center releases a list of the top 10 reasons NOT to call 911:


  • Complaining a salon wouldn’t change nail polish colours.
  • A car not moving up at a gas pump.
  • Reporting food was inedible, and that the restaurant refused to give out a refund.
  • Complaining a tenant moved out without returning their keys.
  • Calling because someone parked in their spot.
  • Wondering if a ‘closed’ sign at a beach washroom was legit.
  • Complaining that a gas station wouldn’t accept coins.
  • Asking police if raccoons are dangerous.
  • Asking police if there’s a law against washing your clothes at 6 am.
  • Calling to check the time after ‘fall back’.


Or how about this one:


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