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[Videos] Boss Baby – Stars Getting Their Start In Commercials

  The new DreamWorks movie ‘The Boss Baby‘ hits theaters, and many from Hollywood got their start in television and film as babies, toddlers, youngsters by appearing in television commercials.   Including Dakota Fanning, who starred in a Tide Detergent

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[Video] Possible April Fools Prank From Burger King – France

  Be on guard for Saturday, April Fools Day.  For years businesses have pranked consumers with fake products, including Burger King France.  Many people are assuming this is an April 1st publicity stunt.  The company  is promoting a Whopper toothpaste.

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[Audio Interview] Local News: Rockland Public’s 150 Acts Of Kindness

  Rockland Public School is marking 150 years of Confederation through 150 acts of kindness. Students and staff at the  school have been giving back to various communities in big and small ways.  So far, they have raised money for a clean

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[Photos] The Bedazzled Easter Egg

  Not everyone likes chocolate cream eggs at Easter.  How about something with more sparkle.  Martin Jeffries Jewelers is selling an egg made out of 18-karat white gold and has 910 diamonds adorning it.

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[Photo] The PB&J Coffee

  There are countless flavors of coffee, so why not one for PB&J, hopefully without the “crunch.” The Bones Coffee Company has introduced a new Peanut Butter and Jelly-flavored coffee.

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Water Interruption Tomorrow

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[Photos] Kevin Costner’s Small, Modest Home Is Up For Sale

  Compared to other celebrity homes, it is small, and modest, but what an incredible view, with vast property.

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[Video] Talent With Bottles & Michael Jackson

  Here’s a creatively artistic way to recycle your bottles, make music. The Danish group ‘Bottle Boys’ show off their talents by performing Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ on regular, everyday bottles.

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[Photo] Donald Trump Is Icing Off A Cake

  This year’s Turkish Chocolate Festival features a life-size Donald Trump bust that is made out of cake icing. Pastry chef Tuba Geckil spent two days creating the bust. It has an edible jacket and an edible striped tie.  

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A New Grease Movie/Project Starring…

  According to The Daily Mirror, the original movie Danny and Sandy may star in another Grease movie. Imagine Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta back together!     Olivia is quoted by the paper as saying: “We are thinking up ways. Nothing

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A Home With Over 1 Million Bugs

  It’s not because of infestation, Charles and Lois O’Brien have been collecting bugs for over 60 years.  Now that they are getting up there in age, they are downsizing, and plan to donate their collection they say is worth

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Leggings. Sorry You Can’t Board This Flight

  Who would think a simple pair of leggings would get you bared from flying. The Chicago Tribune claims two teenage girls were not allowed to board a United Airlines flight yesterday because they were wearing leggings. The women were

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[Video] Lock Up Your Ice Cream So No One Eats It

  Did you know there is an ice cream lock that will prevent others in your house from eating your ice cream? Ben & Jerry’s combination lock for the top of their ice cream pints has become a hot seller

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Thanks To My Jeans – No More Cellulite

  A new line of jeans from Beija Flor hides cellulite. Its fabric contains tiny bio crystals that absorb heat and then transfer it back into the human body. The crystals stimulate the skin and give it a smoother look

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[Interview Audio] Major Fundraising Event Tomorrow Night In Rockland

Jewel 92.5 is proud to promote this fundraising event tomorrow night with proceeds benefiting The Rockland Snowsuit Fund.  Be sure to get tickets today.  Derrick & Sylvia had a chance to speak to John Mogensen from The Legion this morning.   

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