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[Photo] Hillary’s New Drink Of Choice – Namesake At Least

A Washington DC distillery, named Republic Restoratives, has created a rye-whiskey in honor of Hillary Rodham Clinton. The distillery has the drink is sourced from Tennessee and a spring located on a maple syrup farm.   A bottle of Hillary’s

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He’s Considered The #1 World Leader

  Fortune Magazine has released their list of the world’s greatest leaders. The list many surprise many, especially the countless people we consider to be leaders that didn’t make the top 10.   1 Theo Epstein – President, Baseball Operations,

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Now You Can Walk In Ellen’s Shoes

Ellen DeGeneres is launching her own shoe line. It will feature trainers, sandals and slip-ons. Ellen says; “A lot of people say they’d love to spend an hour in my shoes. Now all you have to do is buy a

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Jamie Lee Curtis: “Me, Myselfie and I: A Cautionary Tale”

  Jamie Lee Curtis is publishing a selfie book entitled “Me, Myselfie and I: A Cautionary Tale”. She says: “My new book is my response to the ‘selfie’ craze that has taken over the world. I hope that ‘Me, Myselfie

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The Cheetos “Snackwear” Fashion Line

  The makers of Cheetos know that consumers love their snacks, but the biggest complaint that people have is that after enjoying a bowl your fingers are all orange.  To solve this, the company is launching their own fashion line.

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Gameshow Pioneer Chuck Barris Has Died

Chuck Barris, who took game shows to a new level in the 1960s and 1970s, and who’s real life was the subject of a 2002 motion picture, has died of natural causes at age 87.  This according to his publicist

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The Adult Only Easter Egg

It’s the perfect Easter treat for those that don’t like the standard cream filled egg. A European company called Prestat is selling an Easter egg that is infused with gin and tonic. The eggshell features lemon chocolate. The inside contains

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When Should You Go To Sleep? Use The Calculator

  A new sleep calculator website has been launched that can tell you what time you should go to bed in order to get the best night’s sleep.   The Sleep Calculator website reads … “Getting a good night’s sleep is

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Bring Home Your Favourite McDonald’s Sauces

  If you love the sauces that go on some of your favourite McDonald’s items, good news.  Very soon you’ll be able to bring home the sauce! McDonald’s Canada confirmed to The Huffington Post Canada yesterday that it is bringing

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[Videos] The CPR Song List

New York Presbyterian Hospital has released a 40-song playlist that First Responders can use when doing hands-only CPR. The hospital says each song has 100 beats per minute. One hundred compressions per minute should be done when performing CPR. Songs

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The Heinz Bar & Restaurant

  If you love their baked beans, if you are ever in England you may want to stop by their resto. Heinz Baked Beans is opening a baked beans bar and restaurant in London.  They will serve baked bean dishes

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[Photos] Ellen’s For Sale Sign Is Up

  We wonder with so much money in Hollywood who will be the first to pick up Ellen DeGeneres’ home in Santa Barbara, California.  It’s up for sale and looks just like a 17th century Italian Villa and has a

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Can’t Find Your Car – Use Google Maps

  We’ve all been there.  You park your car in a busy lot, and you think you’ll remember where you left it.  You finish your shopping, or your outing and start panicking because you aren’t sure exactly where you parked. 

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National Fragrance Day: The Perfume That Helps You Lose Weight

With it being National Fragrance Day, did you know that perfume can help you lose weight?  You might have heard about this story last year, if not: The creator of Prends Moi perfume, Joyce Musy, tells the Daily Telegraph that

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A Salon Massage Using A What?

  Many people take advantage of going to their hairdresser/salon as a way to de-stress.  Those that go on a regular basis find it to be relaxing. A hairdresser in Germany is taking the “relaxation” to a new level with

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