How To Fall On Ice Without Injuring Yourself

Record-breaking cold  hit  and icy sidewalks are putting people in danger of slipping and falling. Falling etiquette, such as the tuck-and-roll and using other body parts beside your arms to break the fall can mean saving a trip to the hospital, according to Amie Hoff, a New York-based professional stunt performer, fitness expert and founder of FitKit.


There is a split second of time when you realize you are falling and when you hit the floor. If in that moment you can remember to tuck your body into a ball, that could save you from breaking a bone or worse.


Protect your head

The head is the most important thing to protect while falling. If you’re going down, ‘landing on the bum is best.’ However, it is important to try to keep your chest and head up so it does not hit the rock-solid ice and cause serious damage. Tucking your chin into your chest while falling to the back or side will keep your head from hitting the ground.


Dress in layers

Any padding such as, ski pants, extra layers or a thick hat will certainly help soften the fall. Thick, waterproof gloves will also prevent your hands from slipping on ice if you use them to break a fall or while getting up from the ground. Of course, what you wear on your feet is most important. A solid, rugged sole to help with traction is the best.


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