Halloween Movie Facts

I love Halloween and scary movies. For the first time though, watching House Of Wax, starring Jared Padalecki from Supernatural.

In the film, twins, separated at birth, have turned the townsfolk into wax, the whole town is run by these 2 brothers, with the lights, stores, etc. controlled from their secret wax house basement.

Near the end, police say they never knew about it over 10 years due to it being so small, the town not even being on the map or GPs….ok, fine…


My issue is, these 2 brothers were obviously not working, serial killers I’m sure don’t make much money, lol, yet they had they entire town controlled through one electrical box, so my issue is, wouldn’t the electric company have noticed that the entire town wasn’t paying their bill? And that all the power was routed through one building?


Photo Credit: Wax Power

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