This Could Help You Lose Weight – It Did For One Man


Sebastian Oyegun, of Orlando, Florida came up with an interesting way to work out and lost weight, playing cards. Not actually sitting there and playing poker, he used the cards to set his work out tasks.

His routine involves flipping a card over and then performing the assigned exercise.


Oyegun did the card trick by assigning a different exercise to each suite in the deck. As he flipped over a card, he performed the assigned exercise based on the number on the card.


Spades equaled squats, Clubs meant crunches, Diamonds for jumping jacks and Hearts for pushups. Flip a 10 of Hearts, and that’s 10 pushups on the spot. Five of Club spells five crunches. Jacks, queens, kings and aces all count for 10 reps, too.


In four months, he has lost 60 pounds.




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