‘ He’s kind of a goof ‘; Canadian Trumps not impressed with The Donald

There is a small, quiet colony of Trumps living in Canada, and some say they’re not impressed with the famous Donald that shares their name.


Stephen Trump, a property manager in Toronto, said he takes every opportunity to remind people that — as comedian John Oliver reported earlier this year in a segment on his HBO show — Republican nominee Donald Trump isn’t even a real Trump. Some reports say Trump’s grandfather, Frederick Drumpf, changed his name after immigrating to the United States from Germany.

“There’s no way possible for us to be related, because he’s not a real Trump,” Stephen Trump said.    “If someone changed their name to your last name, and they’re saying all these terrible things, how would you feel?” he said. “You would take every opportunity to point out that they are not a real relative of yours, because they have artificially changed their last name to match yours.”

He said his family — who are really Trumps — originally comes from the Netherlands, where they were called “von Trump,” but they eventually made their way to England and dropped the “von.”

Stephen Trump said he doesn’t get comments about his name very often, because the joke is so obvious.

“Most people, when they realize my last name, they’re aware that they’re on well-trodden ground,” he said. “They sort of give me a look, and leave the joke unsaid.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly based on his reaction to Donald’s last name, Stephen Trump said he’s not a fan of the Republican nominee. He predicts that, if elected, Donald Trump would declare bankruptcy on American debt, spiralling the world economy into chaos. He points to the candidate’s history of filing for bankruptcy in his business career for back-up.

Jenn Trump, 29, said she’s heard cracks about Donald Trump her whole life, and it’s gotten old.

She said that throughout her childhood, people asked if they were distant relatives.

“At some points I think I may have been like, ‘Yeah, it would probably be pretty cool to (be related to him),’ but at this point I don’t really think so,” she said.

“He’s kind of a goof, really.”




Story/Nicole Thompson, The Canadian Press

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

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