Look After My Dog — Dog Sitting Pepper

A story that’s currently cracking people up on social media involves a woman, her pet dog Pepper and her dog-sitting nephew, Tommy Rivers. When Tommy Rivers agreed to look after his aunt’s dog for a few days, he had no idea that accompanying Pepper would be a long list of detailed instructions on how to look after her. His aunt’s adorably ‘extra’ list of dos and don’ts while looking after Pepper has people going ‘aww’ on Twitter since Tommy posted pics of the said list.
The list includes the exact amount and the kind of food that Pepper should be fed (no carbs, please!), ways to show her affection and a clause stating that Tommy must send pics of Pepper to his aunt every day. It also details everything Tommy cannot do, namely, hit, spank, kick or yell at Pepper or let her escape.
Tommy’s tweet from July 9 included pics of the instructions left for him as well as a photo of Pepper. It has been retweeted over 56,000 times on the micro-blogging site and has people begging for more photos of the happy puppy. 
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