In The News For Clarence-Rockland Friday…November 24, 2017

The United Counties of Prescott-Russell council has approved a resolution to accept the recommendations from Colliers Project Leaders, the consultant firm hired to help shepherd a project through the planning for provincial funding support for a new Seniors retirement home in Prescott-Russell. Stephane Parisien says they are now in the process of picking a site, with the choice down to three possibilities. The final recommendation for a new Residence site will depend on how long the negotiations take.



Over 25 local businesses are participating in a Christmas Bingo campaign for 25 days, which was designed to promote and encourage local businesses and give participants the chance to win  $1000 before Christmas. Those interested can sign up through the Allea Solutions website to receive a bingo card by e-mail. Participants must fill up their bingo card by visiting the 25 participating businesses in Clarence-Rockland over the 25 day-period, which started Monday and runs until Friday, December 15.



Ontario’s energy minister says a proposal for pre-paid smart meters for electricity use is only in the preliminary stages. Glen Thibeault says if the meters do happen, they would be an opt-in choice for customers. The proposal is contained in a massive Ontario Energy Board application which also asks for a rate increase of 0.5 per cent this year and 4.8 per cent next year. The application says the pre-paid meters would minimize Hydro One’s financial risk by requiring customers to pay for energy before using it — in particular, customers deemed a high collection risk.

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