Paris Restaurant Closes: Apparently Diners Want Clothing?


Have you ever been to a theme restaurant?  There is funeral themed one in The Ukraine…..the building looks like a giant coffin…. the decor includes funeral wreaths, human-size coffins, and black walls.  In Taipei, there is a bathroom themed one called – The Modern Toilet……where customers sit on toilet seats as they eat their meals from toilet seat shaped containers. Dessert is complimentary in toilet bowls filled with chocolate soft serve. Every country has theme restaurants, but France is down one.


O Naturel, the first nude restaurant in Paris is closing after just a year due to not having enough customers. The waiters and kitchen staff, however, remained clothed for hygienic reasons, along with any teenagers, who must be accompanied by an adult. Open candles, hot coffee, and plastic seats just made people a bit too nervous.



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