[Photos] The Ross Geller From “Friends” Cat

A simple tweet from a cat owner has turned her kitty into a sensation across Twitter.  Back in January, user @watrprks posted two photos of her cat Buddy along with the text “my cat is ugly.”  Many people commented, and over time others started to share pictures of their cat(s) that they love but also believe is ugly.


Ugly perhaps, but a resemblance to a Friends star?  It took a month to figure it out, but Twitter user @gratiartis retweeted the cat’s picture on February 13, with the commentary, “why does this cat look like ross geller.”


Do you see any resemblance?  We don’t, but thousands on not only Twitter, but other social media platforms do.   Is it the nose perhaps?








Photo credit:  nowhitenoise.com/ funkymbtifiction.tumblr.com/j Twitter/@watrprks/gratiartis



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