A Salon Massage Using A What?


Many people take advantage of going to their hairdresser/salon as a way to de-stress.  Those that go on a regular basis find it to be relaxing. A hairdresser in Germany is taking the “relaxation” to a new level with a lot of success but offering massages.  He doesn’t do the work himself, his snake is the masseuse.



Frank Doehlen places his 13 year-old python on people’s necks while he cuts their hair.  He got the idea for snake massages while watching several during a trip to South Africa. He says Monte the Snake is the ideal masseuse because he is 4-feet long and 90% muscle.  And this service has become very popular, so much that Frank, and his snake, are offering this service twice a week now.



photo & story credit:  upi.com/WTVD-TV

feature image credit:vimeo.com

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