She Has The Sweetest Job – Literally


Many people believe they have a “sweet job!”  One that is rewarding:  a great salary, company perks, great benefits….but how does it taste?


Holly Underwood, of Warrington, England, has a sweet job taste testing chocolate Easter eggs. She eats more than 250 eggs a year before giving feedback to her bosses at her candy company.


Her official job title is confectionery product developer and she helps the supermarket select and create a variety of chocolate for their many customers.


Holly says, “The best way to learn about chocolate quality and flavour profiles is through the experience of trying chocolate from all areas of the world.” But when it comes to her favourite part of the job, surprisingly, it’s not all about eating the chocolate itself.



“For me, the best part of the job has to be the submission process,” she added. “After working on a brief and writing all your ideas down on paper, it is so satisfying seeing the products in person and then trying them. “There’s nothing quite like seeing customers pick up the final product off the shelf either!”




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