Our Table Manners May Not Apply Around The World


What we consider to be good manners, and proper table etiquette around the world can be considered an insult to restaurants, or hosts of dinner parties.  We came across some interesting habits of other country’s dinner tables.


Using Your Fork:

“Use your knife and fork” is something that we heard from our parents growing up, and maybe you uttered those words to your children. In Thailand it’s considered rude to use a fork to eat. You may only use the fork to push food into the spoon and then eat with that said spoon but NOT the fork.


Don’t Touch The Fish:

If served a whole fish in China, the worst thing you can do is flip it over to get at the other side. Flipping a fish is superstitiously very bad luck according to the Chinese culture.



Did You Move Your Bowl Of Soup?

In United Kingdom, when soup is served to you, you must push the bowl of soup away from you, it’s all about proper manners!


Pizza – Use Your A K&F:

There are some foods in North America, that we just eat with our hands, pizza for one.  In Chile, no food should ever be eaten straight with the hands. Regardless of the food,  a knife and fork must be used.  Wonder if that applies to fruit?




A Bread Plate – You Can’t Be Serious

The french love their baguettes, but in France if  you were to ask for a bread plate, you’ll get a strange look.  Bread amongst the french is to be treated like cutlery, it goes directly on the table!


We’d Appreciate The Slurp

Oh the looks you get when you slurp spaghetti noodles here in North America, but did you know in Asia its not only acceptable, but encouraged, as it’s believed to improve the noodles’ flavour and considered to be evidence that you enjoyed your meal.

A Clean Plate.  How Dare You

In the Philippines, Korea and Egypt, if you actually finish the plate, you’re insulting your host, indirectly telling them you have NOT been fed properly.





feature image credit:  rodalewellness.com

photo credit:  pixabay.com



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