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Dog Biscuit Day

  Continuing proof that their really is a day for everything today is a time to celebrate that special treat you keep aside for your four legged friend!   It’s Dog Biscuit Day!   For a little bit of background

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Movies For Dogs

  A theater in upstate New York is telling patrons to bring their dogs to four movies this month.

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Dogs Vs. Cats: Who’s Smarter?

  A new study by Vanderbilt University reveals that dogs are smarter than cats because dogs possess 530 million neurons while cats only have 250 million in their brain. A human brain has 16 billion neurons.   Lead researcher Herculano

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Man’s New Soon To Be Best Friend

  It seems that the bond between man and his dog may be changing.  Fido is quickly becoming replaced by kitty. A new survey found that 17% of men now own a cat. Just a year ago, only 13% owned

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Dogs Make Men Look Sexy

A new survey by Petsies reveals that 24% of men are perceived as sexier when they are seen holding a puppy. Other findings: – 14% of men are seen as more trustworthy if they are holding a puppy – 13%

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Can Your Pooch Predict The Weather?

Q: 75% of people with dogs say their pet is better at this than professionals and people in general.    What is it?

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Leash Your Dogs When Walking Near Rivers

Firefighters are warning residents to keep their dogs leashed after they rescued one on the Rideau River just outside Ottawa. A 9-1-1 call came in late yesterday afternoon a dog fell through the ice in Nepean, Ontario. The emergency responders

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Don’t Bring A Milkbone To A Knife Fight

A Colorado woman hospitalized with a cut on her arm told authorities she was accidentally stabbed — by her dog.  She says it was an accident. 

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2016 OSPCA Friends For Life Walk

The Friends for Life! Walk™ is a major fundraiser for the Ontario SPCA and its Affiliates. By lacing up and collecting pledges for animals in your community, you’re supporting the protection and care of animals in need. This year’s event

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Why Do Dogs….

John Tesh has Intelligence For Your Pet:   First, why do male dogs lift their leg? So they can get their scent at nose-level for other dogs – and so the breeze can more easily catch the scent and carry

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