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News coming out of England this week has got McDondalds fans the world over excited, as the business prepare to launch their first ever luxury restaurant in Kensington, South London. The new restaurant is full of flourishes guaranteed to make

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30 Years Of Big Mac Attack

Don Gorske, of Wisconsin, ate his 30,000th Big Mac on Friday. He plans to continue eating Big Macs until he dies. Don has eaten two Big Macs a day since 1972. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records

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Chocolate Fries At Japan’s McDonald’s

  McDonald’s restaurants in Japan are now selling chocolate-covered French fries. McDonald’s brought the fries back after customers complained about them not being on the menu. As a result, McDonald’s stock prices closed at an all-time high last week.  

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The Classical McDonald’s Test

  Several McDonald’s restaurants have been testing the effects of classical music on its customers in the early morning hours. McDonald’s is reportedly interested in finding out whether the soothing music will calm customers, who often enter restaurants intoxicated or

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[Photo] McDonald’s Billboard Has People Thinking More Than Just A Burrito

  A billboard in New Mexico promoting a breakfast burrito is getting a lot of laughs. The McDonald’s billboard reads: “Usually when you roll something this good it’s illegal.” The billboard is right on the New Mexico-Colorado state line. Recreational

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Your Favourite Burgers recently asked 10,000 people to name their favorite burger. Here are  some of your potential favourites that made the list:   10. Mcdonald’s — Big Mac   7. Wendy’s — Dave’s 1/4 Lb Single   6. Burger King —

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Golden Arches Home Delivery Is In The Works

Craving a Big Mac, but don’t feel like driving to McDonald’s to pick one up?  Don’t worry, if their plan works out, they’ll bring it right to you!  The company is experimenting with home deliver starting January 2017. The fast

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A Nutella Burger – Who Wants One?

The Nutella Love keeps growing, and global, and has caught the attention of The Golden Arches.  McDonald’s is now serving up a Nutella Burger.  The sandwich is called the “Sweety Con Nutella.” Its quite simple, but tasty, and obviously something

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