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My Dog Ate My Money

A London Labradoodle, named Ozzy, is recovering from eating $208. Neil and Judith Wright were out shopping when a friend dropped the money through their mail slot. Ozzy thought the money was a snack so he started chomping on it.

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Expensive Pen

Canada-based Mascarenhas Luxury Creations is selling an $89,000 pen for the holidays. The outside of the pen is made with meteorite fragments, moon dust, gemstones and diamond accents. The inside of the pen is constructed with 18-karat gold metal components.

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Early Retirement

An increasing number of workers are obsessed with hacking their finances to maximize their chance of retiring in either their 30s or 40s, according to CNBC. The burgeoning movement calling itself FIRE (financial independence, retire early) is mostly comprised of

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We Spend Nearly $50 A Week On Who Knows What…

According to a survey by Visa, Americans are spending roughly $48 a week on, well, who knows what.   We’re spending about $200 a month on miscellaneous stuff that we just don’t keep track of.   That’s $2,400 a year.

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Jurassic Park Is Frightening To The Wallet

As the Jurassic Park movies have shown, trapping prehistoric monsters on an island with bite-sized tourists may not be the smartest idea. On top of the safety concerns, the cost of running a Jurassic Park would raise its own set

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E=MC2 X $$$

A letter penned by legendary physicist Albert Einstein discussing one of his groundbreaking theories sold in Jerusalem Tuesday for over $100,000 as part of trove of documents that went under the hammer. The handwritten missive, sent in 1928 by Einstein

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Ted’s Fun Facts In the US, an estimated 6% of adults are oniomaniacs – or shopping addicts.   Photo Credit: Charge It!

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