Today Is National Unfriend Day

Facebook users are encouraged to clear their friends list of people, who are not really friends. The holiday was invented by Jimmy Kimmel.

A survey by the University of Colorado, Denver reveals that the top five people to be unfriended on Facebook are: high school friends, friend of a friend, work friends and common interest friend.

Researcher Christopher Sibona says: “The most common reason for unfriending someone from high school is that the person posted polarizing comments often about religion or politics. The other big reason for unfriending was frequent, uninteresting posts. We found that people often unfriend co-workers for their actions in the real world rather than anything they post on Facebook. Your high school friends may not know your current political or religious beliefs and you may be quite vocal about them. And one thing about social media is that online disagreements escalate much more quickly.”

– 55% of people say their biggest social media pet peeve is having someone ask them to unfriend an ex (

– 42% of people unfriend their ex on Facebook or stop following them on Twitter within a month of breaking up (Daily Mail)

– 12% of Facebook users have been asked by a friend (35%) or current (23%) or former (12%) spouse or partner to unfriend someone else (Pew Research Center)

– 33% of Facebook teens are ready to unfriend their parents while twice as many try to avoid them on the site. (AOL)

– only 25% of your Facebook friends are actual friends (Metro)


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