(Video) Dog Chewed up Stuffed Animal; Animal Shelter Turns It Into A Murder Mystery

Like a pet version of Law and Order, an animal shelter in Wisconsin is trying to settle a case involving a suspicious doggo and his stuffed animal companion. 
Hank the dog at the Fox Valley Humane Association has a best friend. And that best friend happens to be a stuffed animal named Fuzzy Purple Hippo.
Well, they were best friends and all until the Hank (allegedly) ripped apart his best hippo friend. 
The people at the shelter tried to question Hank on why he did it, but he just remained tightlipped. 
Since Hank didn’t admit to the crime, the animal shelter decided to play out the whole case over its suspense-filled Instagram account, so we can all find out if Hank is innocent or guilty. 
Story and Photo Credit: Mashable
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