[Video/Photo] Top April Fools Product Pranks


Did you fall for it yesterday with it being April Fools? Many businesses used their products to prank consumers, including:

– Energizer pranked people yesterday by claiming the Peeps bunny was going to replace the Energizer Bunny

-Burger King
tried to prank people this past weekend by offering a Chocolate Whopper. They claimed the flame grilled chocolate patty would be served on a chocolate cake bun with raspberry sauce, white chocolate rings, candied oranges, milk chocolate leaves and vanilla frosting

pranked people yesterday by selling a Sriracha-flavored Pop Tart


tried to prank people yesterday by releasing an edible soap.

– Head and Shoulders
tried to prank people yesterday with a new shampoo called Knees and Toes



– Heinz Prank: Heinz pranked people yesterday by releasing a fake chocolate mayonnaise. The mayo was made with free-range eggs and the finest Belgian dark chocolate. A Heinz spokesperson said: “It’s hard to improve on perfection, but we think we might have done it.”




feature image credit: commons.wikimedia.org

video credit:  NestleUK

photo credit: twitter.com/Headshoulders


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