It Will Help Get Rid Of A Cough If You Put It…


A simple potato, but one that is specifically placed! Shannon Williams, of Manchester, England, made headlines yesterday when she claimed she cured her daughter’s chronic cough by putting a potato in her sock.


Shannon told the Dailmail,  ”She isn’t congested anymore, still has a bit of runny nose and a bit of a cough but like I said it doesn’t take it all away just helps to get rid of it quicker. I am going to do this again tonight, this is what they came out looking like they’ve took most of the toxins out of her body that were making her so poorly!! She says she feels better than she did last night at bedtime.”


Pharmacists recently debunked another popular old wives’ tales for curing colds, revealing that sleeping with an onion in the sock won’t help a cold.


Experts at said there is no scientific evidence that suggests that this will help combat a cold.


They did reveal that gargling salt water does help with a sore throat as it provides pain relief and pulls fluid out of tissues in the throat.







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