Hospital And Long-Term Care Health Care Workers & Long-Term Care Residents Infected with COVID-19

Compiling this list has been a heartbreaking task and we must start by recognizing the people affected by the outbreaks– patients, residents, staff of all classifications — you are in our hearts and we send you our very best hopes and wishes. Our deepest heartfelt sympathy goes to the families, careworkers, volunteers and communities of the 89 long-term care and retirement home residents who have died. To the media, whose value, local and central, has been demonstrated through this pandemic, thank you for your work pursuing this data, reporting on what has been happening and revealing the truth. To all of you, we give our commitment to advocate to the utmost of our ability for the best protection and care for all affected.

On March 19, as outbreaks in long-term care homes began across Ontario, the Ontario Health Coalition began tracking and publicizing the spread of COVID-19 in health care settings including: long-term care residents and staff; hospital patients and staff; and other health care staff. (Previous reports are available here.) The numbers of homes with outbreaks has expanded and within more than a dozen of the homes, the numbers of infected staff and residents have risen rapidly over the three weeks that we have been tracking. This document lists, with sources, all of the confirmed cases (confirmed through testing) that we have been able to find to date.

As of April 7, 2020 provincial health officials confirmed that 513 out of the 4,726 Ontario patients with COVID-19 are health care workers – 10.9 per cent of cases.  We have been able to track 280 confirmed health care staff cases and at least 194 additional staff waiting for confirmation. In addition, we have tracked and totalled resident and patient outbreaks and have found 318 residents and patients with confirmed COVID-19 infections in hospitals, long-term care home and retirement home[2] outbreaks with at least 91 waiting for test results/waiting to be tested/self-isolating. Tragically, we found 63 long-term care residents and 26 retirement home residents who have died as a result of outbreaks for a total of 89.

We have tracked the largest of the long-term care and hospital outbreaks and have summarized them at the end of the “Introduction” section.

We have created a snapshot of the spread of COVID-19 in health care settings from the information that is publicly available through our tracking as follows (see chart below). A number of Public Health Units are reporting the total number of health care staff that have been infected, but not by facility type or classification. Our goal with the information below is to create a picture of what is happening from the available public information. It is not clear why some Public Health Units report specific outbreaks and others do not. It is further not clear why a number have not publicly report hospital outbreaks and why some hospitals are providing information openly while others have used ambiguous language or have simply provided no information publicly.

In summary:

We have been able to find 280 health care and retirement home* staff with confirmed COVID-19 infections and their health care facilities (shown by facility type in the chart below).

There are at least an additional 194 additional hospital and long-term care staff, as listed, who have been exposed and are in self-isolation, waiting for testing, or waiting for test results.

We have been able to find 318 residents/patients as follows: 176 residents in long-term care homes with confirmed cases, plus 28 confirmed hospital patients (who developed symptoms in hospitals), plus 114 confirmed cases in retirement homes.

There are at least an additional 91 residents/patients who have been exposed and are isolated, waiting for testing or waiting for test results.

We have found at least 89 confirmed COVID-19 positive residents who have died.

In addition to the confirmed cases there are many more unconfirmed cases waiting for testing, waiting for test results or unreported.

There are additional reports in the comprehensive list below the chart of confirmed cases in other residential care settings.

This is a snapshot of the portion that we could find of the 513 health care workers that public health officials report have been infected as of April 7, 2020.

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