Monday October 28th 2019: Joke Of The Day


A man looking at his dog laying silently on vet’s examination table angularly demanded a second opinion. The vet left the room and came back with a Labrador retriever. Standing on his hen legs the lab sniffed the non responsive pet on the table woofed and got down. The owner said the result wasn’t conclusive and demanded a third opinion, the vet took the dog out and returned with a cat, the cat placed on the table walked up and down beside the inhered form it sniffed and meowed looking over its shoulder at the vet. With a sob the man said “okay well since he always barked at other dogs and hated cats I accepted that my dog has passed away”


The vet replied the bill was $250, the man outraged my dog was dead when I brought it here why are you charging me $250.


Calmly the vet listed fifty dollars for my time, 100 for the lab report and 100 for the cat scan

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